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Well maybe i’m just too young
To keep good love from going wrong…

Jeff Buckley

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Ziska illustrations, (

Ziska reminds me that weird breeds everywhere, especially in Iceland.

daphne groeneveld for antidote ss14 by cuneyt akeroglu

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Ellen Rogers photography 


Maciek Jasik Photography

artist on Tumblr

Photography has flooded our world with images of ourselves. We are accustomed to seeing and assessing images of people constantly, most of whom are celebrities or strangers we will never meet or know. We instantly affix attributes, often based just on the attractiveness of the other gender.

In the 19th century, photography allowed painting to pull away from detail to focus on an emotional response to reality. With ‘Bypassing the Rational,’ I am knowingly retreating from the details which draw and entice us, and which allow us to judge. Seeing every pore,


 Constantinos Chaidalis

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